The Drain Brain

Welcome to Drain Brain, your source for all things drain or gutter related.

On this website, you will find a wealth of tips, tricks, and information on how you can help to repair and maintain the drain pipes and gutters throughout your property.

We believe that home maintenance is vital for everyone due to just how significant an investment property ownership is. As unglamorous as they may be, drainage and gutter systems are an essential part of any building.

Drainage Systems

Drains are the unsung hero of civilised society. Although we rarely consider that they even exist, they take all of our dirtied and polluted wastewater from our homes away to a distant water treatment plant to be cleaned for re-use.

Drainage systems have played a historic role in ridding our towns and cities of disease, yet we have come to take them for granted and often mistreat them. This caused a number of expensive problems, such as blocked drains, not only in our own homes but for society generally.

On this website, we will outline all of the information required to manage your system correctly. We will tell you how to:

  • Look after your drain pipes properly in terms of being vigilant over what can and cannot enter the system.
  • How to spot various faults and issues before they become critical, avoiding expensive water-related repairs.
  • Regular maintenance that is worthwhile and not just a way for industry professionals to make a quick and easy buck

We will also arm you with the information required to deal with drainage technicians properly. In industries such as this which are a bit more ‘niche’ or ‘mysterious’, it is all too easy for incredulous companies to take advantage of this gulf in knowledge.

By making sure that you are aware of how drainage systems work, as well as the standard industry methods of repair, we will make sure that you are in an excellent position to deal with technicians and ensure you are not going to be ripped off.


Gutters are an essential part of any property, but also one that is often neglected. Far too often do we let our gutters collect grime, plant matter, and debris until they cannot perform their function any longer.

When gutters do become clogged and blocked, a series of other problems can follow. Gutters are intended to lead water from your roof away down a drain, and there is a reason that just about every property of any size has a gutter system installed.

Without them, water just rolls off the side of the building creating black water marks on the wall. Moreover, water will begin to pool up under the eaves of your home, creating near-permanent puddles which will start to house mosses and other slip hazards.

On this website, you will find plenty of information regarding how you should look after your gutter system, such as what steps you should take, improvements you should make, problems you should watch out for, and products which might help in general upkeep.

Regardless of the season, it is never a bad idea to get on top of things. If the season is dry, you can work freely on the gutter, and if it is wet, well you had better get to work before the trough starts to fill and overflow!

How We Work and a Disclaimer!

On this website, we will pick a topic to discuss on each webpage which will be a hub of information. If we select, for example, “what not to put down your drains”, then we will outline just about everything that should not enter the pipes in one specific location.

However, we should be clear that we are not going to start offering advice on things which are beyond standard capabilities. We do not think it is wise or advisable for people without the relevant expertise to start digging up their garden and messing around with their drainage pipes.

On the other hand, we will discuss many activities which, while not for everyone, are relatively accessible. For example, climbing a ladder to clean a gutter is not for everyone, but plenty of people are more than willing to give it a go!

Who We Are

We run a number of property improvement websites which all deal with a slightly different area of the home. From home d├ęcor to landscaping and, of course, drainage, we have a gained a lot of experience in these fields and wanted to share that with anyone who needs the information.

For the vast majority of people, your property is by far the most significant investment you are likely to make. Not only is it vital that you look after it because you live there, but if you ever decide to sell it is essential that you get as much value from it as possible.

Not only is this money important for taking that next step in life, but there is potential to make a significant profit if the house is maintained to a good standard and, where possible, improved upon.

Drains are something that while many visitors might not be concerned about (at their own peril…), others will investigate. If the property in question is of significant value, many wily people will even have a survey undertaken which will reveal every dark little secret within the building.

CCTV cameras can be used to investigate your drains and could make or break a sale, and a guttering system typically offers a good idea of what standards you can expect from the rest of the property.

In short, we are interested in drains and gutters because they are an integral part of every home; not because they are particularly interesting in themselves!